electroslag remelting its status mechanism and

electroslag remelting its status mechanism and

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(PDF) Electroslag remelting A process overview

The electroslag remelting process (ESR) is important because it provides better control of the solidification microstructure and chemical homogeneity; it also(PDF) The Effect of Electroslag Remelting on the The Effect of Electroslag Remelting on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of CrNiMoWMnV Ultrahigh-Strength Steels February 2020 Metals - Open Access Metallurgy Journal 10(2):262

A Thermodynamic Model to Design the Equilibrium Slag

bearing steel during electroslag remelting (ESR) process was developed.With this model,an equilibrium slag system of Al 2O 3,SiO 2,MnO and FeO can be obtained quantitatively,which is favorable to decrease the extent of steel constituents oxidized by the molten slag.In order to validate the reasonability of thisACCIAIERIA From ESR to continuous CC-ESRR process THE STANDARD ESR (ELECTRO SLAG REMELTING) PROCESS The standard ESR process can be summarized in the above picture by remelting a consumable electrode in a superhea-ted liquid slag bath a new ingot is built up in a water cooled,steel mould.The energy required for the melting of the Davide Alghisi,Michele Milano,Laura Pazienza

Author Alena Pribulov electroslag remelting its status mechanism and#225;,Peter Fut electroslag remelting its status mechanism and#225;,Marianna Bartoov electroslag remelting its status mechanism and#225;Publish Year 2014Reducing Defects in Remelting Processes for High

Examples described here include freckle formation,a solidification defect in large ingots of alloy 625 (electroslag remelting),and alloy 718 (vacuum arc remelting).These examples demonstrate how integrated melting experiments,process modeling,and ingot analysis can guide the control of melting conditions to reduce defects.Author Guoyu Qian,Yiwei Sun,Zhi Wang,Kuixian Wei,Wenhui MaPublish Year 2021Role and Effects of Slag Components in ESR ProcessesThe electroslag remelting process (ESR) is a well-known refining process suitable for the production of high quality metals with advanced properties.Typical applications are the field of the aviation- or energy-sector for example.For many years the ESR process is under investigation at the IME,RWTH Aachen University.After a short review of the

Cited by 10Publish Year 2016Author Huai Wang,Yunbo Zhong,Qiang Li,Yipeng Fang,Weili Ren,Zuosheng Lei,Zhongming RenMelt Parameters and Resulting Characteristics in

May 13,2018 electroslag remelting its status mechanism and#0183;Vacuum induction melting (VIM) and electroslag remelting (ESR) Finally,the influence of the size of the ESR electrode was observed and provided a better understanding of the mixing mechanisms in the slag region and their effect on the voltage swing and melt rate.The results are presented using a combination of experimental and Cited by 21Publish Year 1972Author Holzgruber W,Machner P,Plockinger EMechanism of Slag Composition Change During Electroslag Oct 01,2011 electroslag remelting its status mechanism and#0183;Key words electroslag ; DSC-TG analysis; quadratic regression orthogonal design; composition change Electroslag remelting (ESR) is one of the meth- ods that current through slag acts as a heat source for remelting electrode material.Electroslag plays an important role in metal melting,refining and so- lidification process.

Cited by 3Publish Year 1989Author Otto Stenzel,Wolfram Diemar,Heiko Spengemann,Heinz Kohnert,Leo Emiljanow,Helmut GrofElectroslag-casting process and properties.[2.25Cr-1 Mo

electroslag remelting its status mechanism andarticle{osti_5041428,title = {Electroslag-casting process and properties.[2.25Cr-1 Mo and modified 9Cr-1Mo]},author = {Sikka,V K},abstractNote = {The electroslag-casting process is an extension of the electroslag-remelting process.The castings produced by this technique have the advantages of smooth defect-free finish,freedom from conventional casting defects,more reproducible Cited by 3Publish Year 2018Author Mohammed Ali,David A.Porter,Jukka I.K electroslag remelting its status mechanism and#246;mi,Mamdouh Eissa,Hoda El Faramawy,M.F.El-Shahat,Taha Role of vacuum on cleanliness improvement of steel during Aug 01,2018 electroslag remelting its status mechanism and#0183;Electroslag remelting (ESR) shows strong ability to remove inclusions and harmful element (S),and provides cooling condition for directional solidification [,,].Conventional ESR is carried out under air atmosphere,and it is difficult to reduce the oxygen content in the steel because of the severe electrode surface oxidation [ 12 ].

Cited by 5Publish Year 2017Author Mohammed Ali,Mamdouh Eissa,Hoda El Faramawy,David Porter,Jukka K electroslag remelting its status mechanism and#246;mi,M.F.El-Shahat,Taha MattaVisualization Study on the Droplet Evolution Behaviors in

Electroslag remelting (ESR) process is a promising method for the production of high-quality ingots because non-metallic inclusions can be removed efficiently and sounder structure can be obtained during the fabrication of ingots.1,2,3,4,5) Thus,it is vitally necessary that ESR process is used during the refining process of the special alloys.Cited by 6Publish Year 1976Author R.H.NafzigerEvaluation of the Electroslag Remelting Process inESR can occur by two mechanisms reaction between slag (especially CaF2) and sulfuric inclusions,and re-action of sulfur with oxygen of the atmosphere.These reactions can be presented as follows [S]+(O2 electroslag remelting its status mechanism and#161;)! (S2 electroslag remelting its status mechanism and#161;)+[O] (2) (S2 electroslag remelting its status mechanism and#161;)+3=2(O2) g! (SO2)g +(O 2 electroslag remelting its status mechanism and#161;) (3) The amount of

Cleanness and Mechanical Properties of Steel after

Quality of machine production is very close-knit with quality of metallurgical semi-products and with improvement their working properties.It can be achieved first of all by decrease of sulphur and non-metallic inclusions content in metal.Improvement of working properties provide remelted processes above an electro slag remelting (ESR).The slags play very important role by ESR process.Effect of Electroslag Refining on Cleanness The cleanness,microstructure and mechanical properties of a newly developed CrNiMoWMnV ultrahigh-strength steel with and without electroslag refining (ESR) with 70% CaF2,15% Al2O3 and 15% CaO have been studied.This steel was designed and melted in an air induction furnace followed by refining using ESR.Cast ingots with and without ESR were forged at temperatures in the range 1100 - 950 electroslag remelting its status mechanism and#176;C.

Effect of Slag Composition on the Oxidation Kinetics of

the electroslag remelting process.Nonetheless,these study focused on the slag designing by thermodynamic equilib-rium at a fixed temperature,and do not reveal the effect of slag on the change of alloying element along the height of ingot.Schwerdtfeger10) investigated the mechanism of mass transfer occurring in electroslag remelting process,andElectroslag Refining of CrNiMoWMnV Ultrahigh-Strength SteelElectroslag Refining of CrNiMoWMnV Ultrahigh-Strength Steel.Increasing demands for ultrahigh-strength steels in commercial as well as military applications have raised interest in finding alternatives to the high-cost high-alloyed steel and super-alloys currently used,e.g.the use of economic low-alloy compositions processed via low-cost air induction melting and electroslag refining (ESR).

Electroslag Remelting Process Part One : Total Materia

Metallurgy of The Electroslag Remelting ProcessElectroslag Remelting FurnacesElectroslag Remelting of Heavy Forging IngotsDue to the superheated slag that is continuously in touch with the electrode tip,a liquid film of metal forms at the electrode tip.As the developing droplets pass through the slag,the metal is cleaned of non-metallic impurities which are removed by chemical reaction with the slag or by physical flotation to the top of the molten pool.The remaining inclusions in ESR are very small in size and evenly distributed in the remelted ingot.SlaSee more on totalmateriaElectroslag remelting A process overview Semantic ScholarSemantic Scholar extracted view of Electroslag remelting A process overview by B.Arh et al.Electroslag Remelting Process Part Two : Total Materia Electroslag remelting (ESR) is a consumable electode remelting process in which liquid metal droplets are refined with contact of a molten slag providing a cleaner,more uniform alloy with minimum segregation.The ESR process can include a computerized

Electroslag melting process (Technical Report) OSTI.GOV

electroslag remelting its status mechanism andarticle{osti_7213466,title = {Electroslag melting process},author = {Nafziger,R H},abstractNote = {This Bulletin traces the development of the electroslag melting process from its modest beginnings to the present.Important basic mechanisms such as electro-chemistry,thermochemistry,and heat transport are then treated.Since the choice of flux is a unique parameter in the electroslag Enhancing the electroslag remelting process First The electroslag remelting process (ESR) is a refining process for metals used for special applications.Applicated for several decades,this process can produce materials with a narrow chemical composition in combination with a very low content of nonmetallic inclusions and especially sulphur.

Fluoride evaporation and crystallization behavior of CaF 2

To elucidate the behavior of slag films in an electroslag remelting process,the fluoride evaporation and crystallization of CaF 2 CaOAl 2 O 3 (TiO 2) slags were studied using the single hot thermocouple technique.The crystallization mechanism of TiO 2 -bearing slag was identified based on kinetic analysis.Modeling of Macrosegregation in Electroslag RemeltingThe present status of a mathematica2 simulation of the electroslag remelting process is reviewed.The mode7.is used to calculate the transient temperature field in an ESR ingot and to caZcuZate the extent of macrosegregation that arises in a multicomponent aZZoy that solidifies into a single solid

Novel Application of Electroslag Remelting Refining in the

With the shortage of high-grade silicon (Si) feedstock due to the rapid development of photovoltaic,electronic information,and organic Si industries,there is an increasing demand to recycle Si waste economically and efficiently.However,the deep removal of B and P from Si has always been a significant challenge for Si waste recycling.A novel application of electroslag remelting (ESR On Melting of Electrodes during Electro-Slag Remeltingmuch the electrode is heated during the remelting process.Thus,q is time and ue dependant,its magnitude varies from the moment when the electrode touch the slag to the moment when the last layer of the electrode disappears.The moving boundary-value problem governed by Eqs.(1) and (2) can be transformed into a fixed one by means of

PID Decoupling Controller Design for Electroslag

AbstractMathematical model of electroslag remelting (ESR) process is established based on its technique features and dynamic characteristics.A new multivariable self-tuning PID controller tuned optimally by an improved cuckoo search algorithm is proposedRelated searches for electroslag remelting its status mechasubject to electroslag remeltingelectroslag remelting esrSome results are removed in response to a notice of local law requirement.For more information,please see here.12345Next

Review on Modeling and Simulation of Electroslag

Electroslag remelting (ESR) is a secondary metallurgical process aiming at further purication after completion of the primary extraction and rening operations.The process (Figure 1) is a method of rening a consumable metal electrode through a molten slag that is electrically heated.Thermal energy is supplied to the process throughReview on desulfurization in electroslag remeltingKeywords electroslag remelting; desulfurization; sulfide inclusions; sulfur-bearing steel; gasifying desulfurization; desulfurization mechanism 1.Introduction Electroslag remelting (ESR) is widely used to produce some varieties of special steels and alloys mainly because of its ability to simultaneously provide an excellent solidifica-

The Electroslag Melting Process - Page 13 - UNT Digital

mechanical properties of electroslag-remelted ball-bearing steels in that country.In East Germany,a 1-ton electroslag furnace has been in operation for several years at the Edelstahlwerke plant in Freitel.In Poland,two 2-ton Soviet R-951 electroslag furnaces are operating.Electroslag installations have also been reported in Hungary,RomaniaUS3767831A - Process and apparatus for electro-slag If steel is to be remelted with the apparatus then,the electrode 9 consists of steel which consumes itself by being molten down.The lower end 'of the electrode 9 axially extends into a

US4993690A - Electroslag remelting plant including an

An electroslag remelting plant includes an ingot mold 4 for forming a block from remolten material,at least one consumable electrode 26,a body having at least one vertically driven electrode rod 20 for the advance of the consumable electrode and a hood 33 disposed above the ingot mold which has at least one concentric opening toward the respective electrode axis.Vaish,A.K.,Iyer,G.V.R.,De,P.K.,Lakra,B.A Vaish,A.K.,Iyer,G.V.R.,De,P.K.,Lakra,B.A.,Chakrabarti,A.K.and Ramachandrarao,P.(2000) Electroslag RemeltingIts Status,Mechanism and Refining Aspects

eprints.nmlindiaElectroslag remelting Its status,mechanism and

ELECTROSLAG REMELTING ITS MECHANISM The principle of electroslag remelting is shown in Fig.2.The electrode is moved down-ward as melting progresses.The liquid flux acts as heat generating medium and protects the metal from atmospheric contamination.It contributes to pick up several residuals such as Si,Al,P,C,Pb.Electroslag remelting - Its status,mechanism and refining Electroslag remelting has been established as a new measure for the production of quality steels.Many properties of ESR steels are dramatically superior to those of conventionally produced steels.Majority of inclusions are eliminated during ESR depending on slag composition,temperature and melt rate.Usually,after ESR,the metal does not contain sany inclusion larger than 10-12 mm.

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